Võru is a town and a municipality, which is located in southeastern part of  Estonia. It is the capital of  Võru County and the centre of  Võru Parish. It  has a population with about 12.600 people. It covers total of about 13.24  km2 (town). But the whole Parish covers about 202 km2. The town is located on the shore of Lake Tamula. This lake has an area of 2.313 km². The average depth is 4,2 m. Maximum depth is 7,5 meters.







Coat of arms:

The symbol in the coat of arms is the spruce tree. That symbol          represents their cohabitation with the environment and nature.







Kreutzwald Memorial Museum:

The house is located in Võru. This museum is the home of Dr. Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, who was a physician, and the founder of Estonian national literature. This museum gives a good overview of his activities to the exhibit goers. The activity room is designed for handicraft, drawing and constructing. The museum offers exhibitions in Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish. You can also buy some souvenirs.