Rome is the capital city of Italy. It is also its biggest city. Rome has 2.9 million residents and an covers an area of 1.285 km2  .

History of Rome


Ancient roman buildings


St. Peter’s square

The history of the city goes back more than 2500 years ago. It is one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Europe. Evidence says that it has been inhabited more than 14.000 years ago. The name of the city came from the legend that two brothers Romulus and Remus were abandoned by their mom. They were found by a she-wolf and she raised them up. One day the brothers had an argument about how their city would be named. The brother Romulus killed his brother and the city took his name. After the formation of the city, it was ruled by a monarch system for 244 years. It was later taken over by Julius Caesar who established the Roman view of san peter basilica, rome – kopijaEmpire. In the middle ages, when the roman empire fell, it later became the center of the Holy Roman Empire next to the Vatican.


Rome is located in the Lazio region of central Italy on the Tiber river.    Brez naslova