Address: Primary School no 15, 45 – 334 Opole, 20 Małopolska Street, Poland

Type of School: primary

Number of students: 574

Number of teachers: 64

Foreign languages taught: English, German

The school building with the main entrance

The school building with the main entrance

Our school is situated in the south-west of Poland and has 574 students and 64 teachers. The students are taught on the primary level and their learning lasts for six years. They start school at the age of six /seven and finish at the age of twelve /thirteen. Education is divided into two stages. The pupils from levels 1 to 3 are taught so-called integrated skills, computing, English and German.  The older students from levels 4 to 6 are taught different subjects such as Polish, English, German, History, Science, Maths, Music, Art, Computer studies, Technology, Physical Education and Religious Education (voluntarily).

The main hall

The main hall

the school corridor

The school corridor

In the school we have so-called integrated classes, where healthy children learn together with their disabled friends. Such classes are smaller in size, so the students have an opportunity to work better together. All students have an access to qualified specialists, they can always count on the support of a school psychologist, a nurse, a speech therapist, a physiotherapist,  a school educator and special pedagogues. For students who have difficulties in learning, the school organises the teaching-compensatory classes. Talented students have an occasion to expand their knowledge, develop passions and interests participating in various extracurricular classes. The school undertakes constant efforts to introduce new ideas into the syllabus, and, this way, successfully cope with all the challenges facing modern education. Among the features and achievements marking the peculiarity of the school we should mention:


the patron of our school

The patron of our school

– teaching German as a language of the German minority 3 hours a week and a new subject called History and Culture of Germany

– cooperation with The Innovative Schools Association – we realise several innovative educational programmes concerning Mathematics, Art, Physical Education, foreign languages, culture and folklore. This way we are able to modernise the syllabus and make it more interesting for different groups  of students.

– title of “Talents’ Discoverers’ School”  given to the school by Ministry of Education in June, 2011.  The school has been appreciated for our students’ achievements in different domains.

The school quad

The school quad


– title of “Health Promoting School”– we were awarded the title in 2012 after a few years’ hard effort. During the work we tried to free the school environment from harmful factors and promote a healthy lifestyle as well. Our school received the title from Ministry of Education in Poland.

–  the honourable mention in all-Poland competition “Friendly school for everyone” in the category “Every child is important” – the competition was organised under the auspices of Ministry of Education in Poland and the Ombudsman, we have been appreciated for the work with students with special educational needs, and creating friendly atmosphere at school that contributes to their development.

– experience in co-operation with foreign schools – since 2000 our school has been conducting educational projects within a frame of the European programme Comenius. The last project Europe: Yesterday and today for tomorrow!” was realised in co-operation with Estonia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Spain, Denmark, Finland, it finished in 2015.