Primary School no. 15 in Opole – „The eTwinning week”

We celebrated „The eTwinning Week” in our school from 19th-23rd October 2015. The students from “The eTwinning club” prepared the exhibition about five European countries participating in the Erasmus plus and the eTwinning projects. Each day had its own special name and was devoted to one particular country. We started with “The Estonian Day” on Monday, then we celebrated “The Italian Day” on Tuesday , “The Finnish Day” on Wednesday, “The Slovenian Day” on Thursday and the week  ended with “The Polish Day”. During the breaks students of our school listened to the traditional music and tasted the food delicacies characteristic for the particular country. The food was prepared by the eTwinning clubbers with their parents’ help. It was possible to taste the traditional Slovenian bread and the Italian pizza, the most popular dish among students was the Polish dumplings.

From Monday to Friday the leaflets with interesting facts about each country were distributed.                    On the last day of “ The eTwinning Week” students who collected and read all the leaflets could participate in the contest about the countries involved in the Erasmus plus and the eTwinning projects.

Students had also an occasion to expand their knowledge about European countries and to develop their tolerance towards different cultures thanks to participation in lessons titled “So far, So close” prepared by English and German teachers.