Project meeting in Miklavz, Slovenia 5th October – 9th October 2016


In the first week of October 2016, partners from Italy, Finland, Poland and Estonia came to Miklavž. We had a work meeting. Pupils showed them the school. Teachers from partner schools participated and observed the lessons.

On Tursday we went on a sightseeing tour in Maribor. On Friday morning we joined the sixth graders. They had an interdisciplinary day, which differs from ordinary days at school. They learnt about Slovenian folk dances, songs, handcraft, tales and literature and history.

At noon we were at the beekeeper’s, Mr. Babič. He showed us the beehives and how we get honey. Mhmm, we could also taste some products his good bees produce. In the afternoon we went on Pohorje by cable car. The view was not as magnificent as it would be when it is sunny. However, we visited the waterfall, too.

On Saturday we went to see Bled, the lake, taste blejska kremšnita and of course, we drove to Planica where ski jumping takes place.

The time passes really quickly and today we had to say Goodbye.


  1. Overview of things that needed to be done in the 1st year of the project
  • posters

Responsible party – Slovenia

  • eTwinning project and sub-tasks

Responsible party – Poland

3 tasks for Year 1 were:

Me and my school

Our ICT classroom hardware/software (vocabulary)

Media literacy video taskproject homepage


  • Bee-C blog


Coverage of the meeting in Poland

Coverage of the meeting in Slovenia

  • Project homepage


Everyone! Have a look at what concerns you and send Zvone new information to be added.

Workplan for new year, schedule of next meeting, upcoming events, dissemination.


  • questionnaire (responsible – Finland)


Student results

Teachers results

  •  dictionary
  • language dictionary (a good platform is needed)


  1. year 2 goals and tasks
  2. In Nov 2016 representing national fairy tale tellers

Format (animation, presentation, power point)

  1. In April 2017 stop-motion films

One story – which one (e.g Bee-C travel?)

Divison of parts of the story between partners, filmed in stop-motion and edited (we can discuss it in Finland).


  1. Chronological timeline of communication history 1010 BC – 2020AD

 1970-2020 (Estonia)

1800-1970 (Finland)

1500-1800 (Italy)

500 -1500 (Slovenia)

1010BC to 0-500 (Poland)


  1. 6 language dictionary (a good platform is needed)


  • Mobility Tool filled in by all partners


  • Interim reports round 1 finished
  •  Results platform – share with us what you want to be uploaded!


  • Mascot Bee C´s travel

Mother Bee-C circles the partner countries, visits its local bees, sees what’s up with them

~2 months in each country.


NOW travels from Slovenia with a new puzzle to Finland, next stop in January to Italy, then back to Estonia for new round.


It’s supposed to make 2 rounds in 3 years. Old fashioned puzzlemessages + new ICT message puzzles.


Mascot Bee-C starts its 2nd roundApril/May2017.


  • Next meetings

JOB SHADOWING in Eura/Finland (January 2017)

22nd-27th January


  • Meeting in spring 2017 in Italy

* 5th – 9th April